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Solution Description

Lithium batteries are prone to overheating, smoke, fire and explosion during the production and storage process. Power lithium batteries have a high individual value, and if they are not dealt with in a timely manner, they will bring large economic losses to the enterprise. The high-density laying of high-temperature alarms and smoke detectors on battery shelves in factories and warehouses also ensures second-level terminal response; ensures network stability and has network self-healing and disaster tolerance capabilities.


Industry Equipment


Lowest latency connectivity at the edge

Enables local terminal connectivity through edge computing while ensuring the lowest latency IoT end-to-end and IoT end-to-user connectivity


Controlled data security

Privacy data is managed locally in a closed loop, all data collection, processing and storage are closed loop at the local node, customers can choose to report edge data results to the cloud, flexible control of privacy data security


Massive edge connectivity

Supports multi-mode access for multiple types of devices and provides a standardized device access framework to improve device efficiency and reduce integration costs


Collaboration at the "cloud edge"

Based on edge data results, users have the flexibility to choose between data services or public cloud SaaS services deployed on the edge gateway


Storage security

The storage of lithium batteries generally requires high security standards due to the high value of individual lithium batteries


Precise management control

Accurate management and control of each storage point in the warehouse to improve management and control efficiency


Digital edge linkage

Smart linkage of sensors with cameras and sprinkler systems to help companies upgrade digitally


Efficiency upgrades

The precise management and control of the digital intelligence system brings efficiency upgrades, reduces human resources expenditure and achieves cost reduction and efficiency gains

Technical Architecture

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