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With HooRiiOS, HooRii Tech's HRQ51 module is suitable for lighting, routers and other Matter product

Recently, HooRii Tech's HRQ51 module equipped with HooRiiOS was officially launched. This small package module supports Matter, Zigbee, Thread, Bluetooth® Low Energy.

HRQ51 module

HRQ51 module is developed based on Qorvo QPG6105 chip, which features dual-mode anti-interference, high-temperature resistance, small package, etc. It can provide higher application value for smart home products such as smart lighting, electricity and routers.

·The HRQ51 is more resistant to interference and supports Qorvo's dual-antenna design with Qorvo's unique ConcurrentConnect™ technology. The flexible and advanced antenna design helps IoT devices to increase the effective signal range and improve co-channel anti-interference effect. It is also one of the few dual-mode modules to support both ZigBee and Thread protocols.

·High-temperature technology solves the bottleneck of traditional modules that can't work properly at high temperature of 125°, and realises that the module can still maintain high performance operation under high temperature environment, which greatly improves the stability of the module when it works. It is suitable for intelligent devices that run under high temperature for a long time, such as intelligent lighting products.

·Small packages provide customers with flexibility in the integration phase of Matter over Thread solutions, effectively helping customers to reduce product size and optimise product costs. It brings convenience to all types of IoT applications, especially for thermostats and wearable devices, which have strict requirements on structure and size. With a 32-bit MCU running at up to 64MHz, 2MB of FLASH and 128KB of RAM, the HRQ51 is designed for low-power IoT end-node applications and supports secure boot, secure OTA software upgrade, and secure identity, so data and information security is well protected. In addition to the hardware advantages, HooRiiOS equipped with HRQ51 modules can also help customers accelerate the development progress and simplify the development process.

HooRiiOS is a commercial operating system distribution independently developed by HooRii Tech for the smart home field, based on Thread technology, Matter technology and a variety of IoT open ecosystem technologies on multi-core and multi-SoCs, which can be applied to terminal devices and edge devices, and empowers device vendors and solution companies to access mainstream open ecosystem platforms more quickly and completely.

It is worth mentioning that Qorvo is the 5th chip platform officially supported by HooRiiOS based on the multi-SoC platform feature of HooRiiOS, and more chip platforms support will be added continuously. HooRiiOS includes standardised access technology components for the Matter ecosystem, as well as complete category templates for lighting, sockets, curtain motors, low-power sensors and other Matter-certified products, and application frameworks for complex scenarios, such as multi-terminal and multi-hub scenario linkage. HooRiiOS supports Matter automated testing tools and services, which can help device vendors quickly turn to the Matter ecosystem, speed up certification and reduce R&D costs, significantly improve product production efficiency and enhance product mass production quality. HooRiiOS integrates Matter device mass production tools, empowering device manufacturers with high-speed, high-availability, and high-quality Matter device mass production solutions. Manufacturers using the HooRiiOS software system are equipped with DAC identifiers that can be used in the mass production of Matter products. HooRiiOS is helping device manufacturers in the Matter trend to complete key upgrades such as reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and improving the quality of devices shipped, helping Matter players to connect their devices to the Matter ecosystem more quickly. In the context of the deep cooperation between Qorvo and HooRii, thanks to the good combination of Qorvo series chips and HooRiiOS, customers in smart lighting, electricians, routers and other smart category tracks will further reap the benefits of the technology.


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