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HooRii Technology unveils Matter electrician lighting solution at GILE


As the vane of the lighting market, GILE has been a must-visit exhibition for many lighting companies every year. At this year's Lightfair, the trend towards the transformation of traditional lighting into intelligent lighting could be clearly felt. As the demand for smart lighting in industries such as smart homes, smart cities and smart hotels gradually increases. New challenges have also emerged for smart lighting. Among them, the high cost of repeated development and poor human-machine interaction for different cloud platforms are particularly serious. In this context, Matter may be the best solution to the smart lighting conundrum, an emerging IPv6-based protocol in the smart home space that operates at the application layer on top of protocols such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Thread. Matter is a joint initiative by Apple, Google and aims to simplify development for smart home manufacturers and improve compatibility between smart home products from different manufacturers. Uniting the different devices and ecosystems of the smart home, allowing everything to work together and providing consumers with more choice and compatibility . In this year's GILE, HooRii Technology brought a complete range of Matter product solutions, allowing many lighting companies to quickly turn to Matter ecology and join the ranks of intelligent lighting, helping customers in the traditional lighting industry to achieve intelligent upgrading.

3 main features for a wide range of hardware design needs HooRii Technology's lighting product solutions support common functions in the lighting field such as depth and gradient dimming and colour mixing, as well as various peripheral driving methods such as IIC and PWM. HooRii Technology can provide lighting solutions in the following categories: dimming drivers, ceiling lights (with remote control), downlights and bulbs. Currently, the solution has 3 main features: 1.Low cost: Lighting manufacturers do not need to learn technology and knowledge related to Matter. They can directly replace the communication part of their software with Zigbee, BLE and other communication conditions to access the most mainstream smart home ecology based on the Matter API, which reduces the repeated development costs and learning costs for lighting manufacturers. 2.Multi-chip platform support: HooRii Technology provides lighting solutions that can run on a wide range of hardware chips, including all major Thread chips from Telink, Silicon Labs, Nordic, Qorvo and others. HooRii Technology has packaged these chips into small size, high temperature resistant, flexible and configurable pinout modules that can meet the hardware design needs of lighting devices, and provides HooRiiOS with a one-stop Matter solution capability. 3.Cross-platform HAL: HAL accelerates the rapid implementation of product solutions, and HooRiiOS provides developers with a simple, easy-to-use, cross-platform HAL that provides a technical guarantee for the accumulation of R&D assets, product updates and iterations, improved product reliability and enhanced product security. At the exhibition, HooRii Technology has already reached cooperation intentions with a number of brands to explore and implement a full-scene intelligent lighting solution based on HooRiiOS. In the future, the solution will also be extended to more lighting scenarios. Module hardware with HooRiiOS for Matter turnkey solution capability The HooRii Technology Matter product solution allows lighting manufacturers to purchase HooRiiOS-equipped module hardware and integrate it into their devices, giving them the ability to access the Matter ecosystem.

HooRii Technology provides Matter eco-access support for lighting customers in both software and hardware dimensions.The Matter protocol stack built into the module can run on all major RTOS real-time operating systems, including FreeRTOS and Zephyr, and is strictly compatible with the CSA standardisation consortium. In addition, HooRii Technology can provide complete DAC services for manufacturers in the testing and mass production process, helping them to successfully complete mass production shipments of Matter devices. HooRii Technology has formed a complete service system for the device testing, device certification, cloud certification and scale production that Matter devices must undergo. Combined with the Matter DAC service, HooRii Technology is committed to delivering a more complete Matter turnkey solution to Matter device manufacturers and brand owners. At the same time, if the manufacturer has already chosen HooRii Technology's Matter turnkey solution, HooRii Technology can also provide manufacturers with supporting mass production tools to help scale up production. In addition, the Matter automated testing tools and services provided by HooRiiOS can also help device manufacturers to reduce product development costs and compress testing costs, thereby significantly improving product quality and efficiency. As the Matter protocol continues to evolve and more lighting companies support the Matter ecosystem, it is expected that shipments of Matter devices will grow exponentially over the next two years and take a larger share of the smart lighting market. About HooRii Technology

HooRii Technology is the Chinese founder of Thread technology, a near-field communications specialist that provides the most advanced turnkey IoT solutions for global premium brands. Internationally, HooRii Technology is a key contributor and member of the Thread and Matter protocol organizations, as well as the Chairman of the Thread organization in China and the driving force behind the commercialization of Thread and Matter technologies in China.


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