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Thread Gateway Miniaturization Solution


Featuring the RTOS kernel, HooRiiOS comes with high real-time performance and low resource consumption, making it suitable for embedding in home appliances with existing independent functions, such as wireless chargers, cameras, air conditioners, and refrigerators, to provide Thread network coverage for home network scenarios. During application, it integrates with the customer's existing software and hardware systems, thus requiring a certain level of openness from the host device being embedded.


Development Support

Multiple open platform signal and channel tuning

End-to-cloud SDK support

Multi-development platform embedded development support

Authentication support

MTK, QSDK and other platforms RF coexistence solutions, channel, antenna tuning support.

OneNET and other public cloud platforms end-to-cloud full link access capability empowerment, access standards co-authorship.

Development support for multi-master platform co-processor architecture design, gateway standardised firmware integration, etc.

Thread communication certification, Matter access standard certification, Works With Google Home certification, Works with Alexa certification, Apple MFi product certification and other support.

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