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HooRiiOS 2.2.0 Innovative Upgrade! Supports Intelligent Mass Production Capability for Matter Devices

HooRiiOS 2.2.0 version has undergone an innovative upgrade, focusing on core areas such as intelligent device production, low power management, and communication efficiency. As an IoT commercial distribution operating system under HooRii Technology, HooRiiOS 2.2.0 not only continues its extensive support in areas such as smart homes, smart factories, and smart buildings but also empowers developers further through a series of cutting-edge technological innovations and comprehensive function upgrades. This helps in constructing a more robust and efficient IoT interconnected ecosystem.

Next, we will introduce the key updates of HooRiiOS 2.2.0 one by one.

1.Comprehensive Upgrade of HPLS Service

HooRiiOS 2.2.0 significantly optimizes support for HPLS (HooRii Production Line Service), an innovative service designed and developed by HooRii Technology for mass-producing Matter terminal products. It encompasses implementation on three ends: device-end, gateway-end, and server-end. In this upgrade, new functionality is introduced for cloud-based intelligent production, automating and streamlining the production process. Additionally, the local interface has been refined, providing a more powerful and flexible solution for mass production of Matter terminal products.

  • Expansion of Cloud-Based Intelligent Production: HooRiiOS 2.2.0 supports multiple SoC platforms, facilitating efficient and intelligent operation of devices based on these SoC platforms through HooRii Console, a cloud-centric intelligent production management platform.

  • Upgraded Local Interface Optimization: By simplifying interface design and improving user interaction flow, developers are provided with a clearer and more user-friendly working environment, accelerating the development process and ensuring smoother and more efficient production management.

2.Refreshed Terminal Categories

Support for new categories under the Matter 1.2 specification, such as smoke detectors and gas sensors, has been added, further enhancing the diversity of choices for developers.

Support for devices such as infrared devices, temperature and humidity sensors, door magnets, curtain motors, and sockets is continued, with ongoing updates planned for the future.

3.Improved Stability of Low-Power Curtain Motors

Stability of low-power curtain motors has been enhanced by improving the handling capability when an external MCU is unresponsive and the recovery ability when disconnected from an eco-speaker. These optimization measures ensure stable and efficient operation of the devices, even in the presence of failures or connection issues with other vendor products, thus preserving a seamless user experience.

4.Expansion of Over-Testing Categories

Among the newly supported categories in HooRiiOS 2.2.0, Matter device manufacturers using the OS version have successfully passed the rigorous ATL tests and obtained the latest Matter 1.2 certification. Here are included low-power sensors, curtain motors, switch panels, and so on. HooRiiOS 2.2.0 ensures the high quality and industry compatibility of these devices.

5.Key Capability Upgrades from OS 2.1.0 to OS 2.2.0

  • Adjustment of local network communication method to optimize stability of HPLS (HooRii Production Line Service).

  • Optimization of low-power management module for multiple chip platforms to enhance power performance.

  • Enhancement of logic for obtaining HooRiiOS firmware version during factory production.

  • Optimization of serial log printing for smoother communication between the module and the MCU.

6.How to Experience the Latest Features of HooRiiOS

Developers can experience the latest features of HooRiiOS through HooRii Console ( Currently, HooRii Console is in the beta testing phase. Developers can contact us through the "Contact Us" section on the page to apply for beta testing qualifications. We will contact developers who have submitted their application in the order of application time.

The innovative upgrade of HooRiiOS 2.2.0 marks further deepening and innovation by HooRii Technology in the field of IoT. Through this update, existing functionalities and services are strengthened, and new device support is introduced, providing more powerful and efficient tools for developers and businesses. HooRii Technology looks forward to collaborating with developers and partners worldwide to drive the development of Matter and explore more possibilities in the world of IoT.

【Contact Us】

For more detailed information about HooRiiOS 2.2.0 or business cooperation, please feel free to contact us at We look forward to working with you.


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