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Supporting multi-chip and multi-cloud platforms, HooRii and EMQ unite to build a new pathway for IoT


HooRii Technology and EMQ have cooperated deeply to provide overseas customers with IoT solutions based on Thread technology, adapted to multi-chip platforms and multi-cloud, which can be used in industrial, commercial, warehousing and other application scenarios by utilizing the capabilities of HooRiiOS and EMQX.

HooRiiOS is a commercial IoT operating system independently developed by HooRii Technology for smart home, smart factory, smart building, etc. It is a multi-core, multi-SoC-based commercial IoT operating system based on various IoT open eco-technologies such as Thread technology, Matter technology, LwM2M technology, etc. HooRiiOS can be applied to terminals, edge devices, and empowers device manufacturers and solution companies to access the cloud platform more quickly and completely. HooRiiOS can be applied to terminals and edge devices, empowering device manufacturers and solution companies to access the cloud platform more quickly and completely.

Unlike other commercial operating systems, HooRiiOS can be adapted to multiple chip platforms and kernels, and provides rich API interfaces and support for Zero-code modules. HooRiiOS is adapted to Linux, FreeRTOS, Zephyr and other kernels, which reduces the duplication of development due to technology upgrades by developers.

Meanwhile, HooRiiOS's support for multi-chip platforms also gives developers more flexibility in choosing chips, allowing them to select different chip platforms for development based on device type and product characteristics.

EMQX, a product of EMQ, is a cloud-native distributed MQTT message server with open source and enterprise editions. It supports CoAP/LwM2M one-stop IoT protocol access.

EMQX, as an essential infrastructure software for IoT application development and IoT platform building, helps IoT at the edge and in the cloud to realize bi-directional data movement and distribution, real-time processing of MQTT message data, and one-stop data and cloud service integration.

EMQX is characterized by high performance and low latency, supporting millions of connection support and millisecond soft real-time message routing capability to ensure high-performance data transmission and processing. In addition, EMQX meets the European Union (EU) GDPR privacy protection standards to ensure the security and privacy protection of data transmission.

The deep combination of HooRiiOS and EMQX can realize the flexible advantages of IoT devices across chip platforms and clouds, which can be arbitrarily matched with different chip platforms and cloud platforms according to the needs of developers, thus realizing more application scenarios and personalized services such as the expansion of application functions.

This cooperation is a successful commercialization of HooRii Technology and EMQ based on Thread, a near-field communication protocol with low power consumption, high reliability and security, which is widely used in smart home scenarios overseas.

HooRii Technology and EMQ are working together to realize Thread's LwM2M-based communication application, which once again promotes the commercial development of Thread technology and shows the market more possibilities of Thread technology application.

In addition to smart home scenarios, thanks to the solutions jointly created by HooRii Technology and EMQ, Thread can be applied to smart factories, smart warehouses, smart buildings and other large-scale scenarios, with a wide range of applicability, high compatibility, flexible configurations, and the ability to be adapted to multi-chip platforms and multi-cloud services, which greatly reduces the amount of configuration and development work.

Through technology integration and enhanced cooperation, HooRii Technology and EMQ have created a standardized pathway for Thread applications outside of smart home scenarios for the IoT industry, creating an industry benchmark and greatly broadening the scope of Thread technology.

The two sides will work together to create better IoT solutions, unlock more IoT usage scenarios, and improve product performance and user experience. This will not only promote the development of the IoT industry, but also bring users a smarter and more convenient way of life.

About HooRii Technology

HooRii Technology is a provider of commercial distribution software systems born out of the structural IoT trend, and the Founder of Thread technology in China. By providing IoT solutions with the HooRiiOS software system as the delivery baseline, HooRii is committed to creating the ultimate cost reduction and efficiency value for high-end IoT brands and IoT device manufacturers around the globe, as well as helping customers deliver device quality.

About EMQ

EMQ is the world's leading open source IoT data infrastructure software provider, with multi-protocol access, full network device access, streaming data processing and other technical advantages. EMQ provides cloud-based and edge-based unified messaging access and streaming data processing solutions, one-stop data extraction, filtering, transforming, and processing of messaging data through SQL, and the flexibility to integrate with more than 10 kinds of databases and Kafka streaming processing middleware, supporting rapid enterprise integration and continuous application innovation. It supports rapid enterprise integration and continuous application innovation.


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