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Low-power curtain motor solution based on HRN71 modules successfully applied and certified by Matter


HooRii Technology obtained Matter 1.1 for low-power curtain motors and successfully commercialized it.

Matter 1.1 certificate

HRN71 module based on Nordic nRF52840 chip platform successfully empowered the low-power curtain motor brand to release Matter products. And won the U.S. IWCE Best Product Demonstration Award, with mass production characteristics of the Matter protocol, motor live demonstration can be directly controlled by Apple HomePod.

Advanced performance and lower power consumption

Using the same hardware and software architecture as the existing nRF52 family of SoCs, the nRF52840 has an Arm Cortex-M4F processor at its core, enabling faster, more efficient complex function calculations for DSPs and applications requiring floating-point calculations, and providing large amounts of storage, including 1MB of flash memory and 256KB of RAM.

The Cortex-M4F with floating-point computing and large storage capacity complement each other to provide unmatched functionality for true single-chip applications.

The nRF52840 features an on-chip full-speed (12Mbs) USB 2.0 controller capable of connecting a wide range of peripherals through multiple high-performance digital interfaces, such as high-speed SPI (32MHz) and quad SPI (32MHz) that allow for direct connection to the display's external memory. nRF52840 operates over a supply voltage range of +5.5v to 1.7v and is directly powered by a rechargeable battery and USB power supply.

Nordic nRF52840

HRN71 module is an advanced module developed based on Nordic nRF52840 chip with powerful concurrent processing capability to meet the needs of rich peripheral devices and complex applications.HRN71 module plays a key role in curtain motor products with its ultra-low power consumption, ultra-small package, and reliable and stable performance, providing excellent driving performance and intelligent control capability.

HRN71 Built-in Antenna Version

HRN71 External Antenna Version

HRN71 modules are categorized into two models: internal antenna version and external antenna version, supporting Matter over Thread, LwM2M over Thread and OCF over Thread . Device manufacturers using HRN71 modules can directly inherit Thread 1.3 certification, thus accelerating the speed of device launch. The HRN71 module has a built-in low-power 32-bit CPU, which can be used as an application processor with 64MHz main frequency and rich peripheral resources. By using HRN71 modules, device manufacturers can quickly develop compliant Matter over Thread devices, shortening the development cycle and reducing costs.

Meanwhile, HooRiiOS also provides comprehensive support for the development and application of the solution. HooRiiOS is a commercial IoT operating system independently developed by HooRii for the smart home field, based on Thread , Matter, and a variety of IoT open ecosystem technologies on multi-core and multi-SoCs, and can be applied to terminal devices and edge devices, empowering device manufacturers and solution companies to access the mainstream open ecosystem platforms more quickly and completely. HooRiiOS empowers device vendors and solution companies to access mainstream open ecosystem platforms more quickly and completely. The flexible use of HooRiiOS can improve development efficiency and reduce production costs.

The application of HRN71 modules and HooRiiOS platform enables low-power curtain solutions with outstanding performance and user experience, bringing new opportunities and possibilities for the development of smart home industry. By working closely together, Nordic and HooRii Technology will continue to drive technological innovation and develop the future of the smart home.


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